About us

About us


ARESANGEL is an international Brand. The company mainly focuses on Mobile phone accessories,women's clothing, providing a variety of Mobile phone accessories, such as chargers, data cables. ARESANGEL Products had been sold to Europe, America, Australia and Middle East markets. adheres to the concept of "Let Love and Beauty Spread the World".



product design


It all started with the inspiration of the designer.


The life of the product begins even before the designer's pen touches the paper.






All our products are manufactured using high-quality equipment.


We pay attention to detail and quality, so some clothes are handmade.




Quality assurance


After rigorous testing and inspection, our products have become products that we are proud of-stylish and reliable!






Through creative collaboration with photographers and models, we can capture the details of each item for the buyer to preview before making a purchase decision.




Logistics transportation


After designing and carefully packaging our products, they are loaded onto cargo planes for fast intercontinental delivery.


Stand by


If you have any questions, we will answer them for you! Our team of customer service experts can contact you in the following languages: English, French, German, Russian and Arabic.